“Anti-5G” necklaces found to be radioactive

“Anti-5G” pendants and accessories claiming to “protect” people from 5G networks have been found to be radioactive.

The Dutch Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority (ANVS) has issued a warning that the products emit “ionizing radiation”.

The ANVS urged people to stop wearing the products and store them safely until instructions on how to return them are issued.

There is no scientific evidence that 5G mobile networks are harmful to health.

The World Health Organization says 5G mobile networks are secure and that there are no fundamental differences between 5G and existing 3G and 4G signals.

The ANVS has identified nine so-called “anti-5G” products, including a sleep mask, a pendant and a children’s bracelet.

Dutch law prohibits the sale of these products, and any attempt to do so violates the nuclear energy law.

“Vendors in the Netherlands known to ANVS have been advised that the sale is prohibited and must be stopped immediately, and that they must notify their customers,” ANVS said in a statement.

Conspiracy theories have created a market for the sale of “anti-5G” devices, despite no evidence that the mobile network poses a risk to public health. These conspiracy theories were particularly important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK Trade Standards sought to stop sales of a £ 339 ‘5GBioShield’ in May 2020, which they identified as being nothing more than a basic USB stick.

The ANVS has published a complete list of “anti-5G” radioactive products here.

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