As power cuts loom, the failure of Britain’s energy strategy is clear to all

MONSIEUR – I watched with pleasure the original Maigret series on the wonderful Talking Pictures television channel.

It has atmospheric yet understated background music by Ron Grainer (including the once-heard and never-forgotten classic theme) – and crystal-clear dialogue. You never miss a word.

It was made in 1961. It seems that television production priorities have shifted over the past 61 years.

Geoffrey Nobes
Locks Heath, Hampshire

shelf shock

SIR – My Deluxe Yogurt has risen in price this year from 65p to 90p, English Butter from £1.49 to £1.99, Fresh Orange Juice from £2 to £2.99, Crisps from 90p at £1.25, two wands from £1.20 to £1.50 and bleach from 45p to 60p.

While some may question the contents of my basket, few can deny that these increases are a bit higher than the headline inflation figure of 9.9%.

Paul Vince
Bell Tower Ashton, Wiltshire

SIR – I just paid £22 for a bag of wild bird seed which a month ago cost me £17.

Should I blame Kwasi Kwarteng, Vladimir Putin, the summer drought or fall back on that old faithful Brexit?

Gareth Burnel
Hindringham, Norfolk

Rugby played correctly

SIR – Terry Lloyd (Letters, October 6) suggests that research shows “a clear link between playing rugby and suffering from serious brain disorders”.

As a former college rugby coach, I can tell him that it’s not the practice of rugby but the clash of heads that is the problem. The suggestion that clashing heads are inevitable is simply wrong. Careful and appropriate supervision of young people, boys and girls, would ensure that the problem is virtually eradicated.

RG Inches

BBC Soft Power

SIR – I couldn’t agree more with Susan Lowther (Letters, October 6) that the BBC World Service, which is facing cuts, is to be cherished.

It is a national treasure, and the government should indeed step in to help. It is a source of soft power throughout the world.

However, I cannot accept that the BBC is a subscription service. We all need the news he provides.

Charlotte Smallwood
Farley, Wiltshire

rare name

SIR – A few days ago I renewed a subscription and had to spell my first name (Features, October 7) to the young man taking my details. He had never heard of it.

Patricia Broadley
East Grinstead, West Sussex

Every last drop

SIR – I understand that Jack Russell, the remarkable entertainer and former Gloucestershire and England wicketkeeper, made a teabag last for an entire Test match (Letters, October 7).

Apparently, after each use, he hung it on a hook in the dressing room.

Peter Lapping
Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

SIR – I have verified the makers of Yorkshire Tea’s claim that two good cups can be had from just one tea bag, which reinforces my long held belief that “One per person plus one for the pot” was just a mantra promoted by unscrupulous tea. merchants as a way to increase sales.

John Godfrey
Hitchin, Hertfordshire

MR – I drink my tea from a large white porcelain cup at work.

In order to discourage my colleagues from using this mug I am cultivating the tea stain.

Susan Whitehead
Bath, Somerset

SIR – My wife and I drink black tea and have a problem with cup stains with modern cups – but not with older ones.

Peter Collin
Colerne, Wiltshire

SIR – My mother used to kill two birds with one stone by soaking her dentures in tea-stained cups to which Steradent tablets were added.

The teapot escaped this treatment. I think she was worried about a denture getting stuck.

Peter Saunders
Salisbury, Wiltshire

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