Boris tells Morrison: give up coal and go nuclear


BORIS Johnson urged Australia to create “new high-quality jobs from Perth to Penrith” by committing to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The British Prime Minister told News Corp Australia the world is on track for “catastrophic global warming”, including more intense bushfires, unless dirty coal is ditched.

And while saying that each country’s energy mix is ​​its own decision, he stressed that nuclear power provides reliable low-carbon energy.

Britain has banned the sale of gasoline and diesel cars from 2030, and plans to create 250,000 new green jobs through a $ 7 billion (AUD) investment program, and wants to make the neighborhood the City of London the center of global green finance.

“If we don’t step in over the next decade and make a decisive shift to clean energy, catastrophic global warming will be all but inevitable,” Mr Johnson said.

“Australia is already doing a fantastic job protecting its unique flora and fauna, from kangaroos to acacia trees and brush, but we have also seen the devastating effect of forest fires exacerbated by rising temperatures.”

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has resisted a staunch commitment to net zero emissions by 2050, although the government’s position has been that it is “preferable.”

The two, who are also in the midst of negotiations for a landmark trade deal that has been agreed in principle, will meet face to face at the G7 world leaders meeting to be held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall – a seaside resort. in the southwest of England in June.

Mr Johnson said he hoped to share a “little one” with Mr Morrison to celebrate the trade deal, but he also wanted carbon commitments.

“Net zero will be on the G7 agenda in June – we’ve seen the US, South Korea and Japan recently pledge to meet the target by mid-century and I hope to see a positive announcement from Australia, ”he said.

Mr Johnson said there were opportunities for new jobs in a green economy.

“These industries will be vital not only for reducing global emissions, but also for sustaining our economies and generating new high quality jobs from Perth to Penrith,” he said.

Renewables, including wind and solar, have overtaken fossil fuels for power generation in the UK, and Mr Johnson is hosting the next global climate change conference in Scotland in November.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet the British Prime Minister in the UK at a summit in June.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet the British Prime Minister in the UK at a summit in June.

Power generation in Britain includes nuclear power, which Australia has so far resisted, while our country has 46% of the world’s uranium reserves.

Mr Johnson said it was up to each country to decide on its energy mix, but added that “nuclear power plants provide reliable low-carbon power”.

Climate change has become Mr Johnson’s passion project, with the G7 and Glasgow summit providing the platform to make it his political legacy.

Australia’s coal industry, which employs 40,000 people, has already come under pressure from Chinese import bans, but is still expected to generate $ 15 billion in exports, according to the Australian government, in 2026.

Clean energy is the only way to stop the global damage, Mr Johnson said.

Clean energy is the only way to stop the global damage, Mr Johnson said.

Mr Morrison, who struggled to hook up a video call during a climate change summit with US President Joe Biden last month, pledged $ 500 million to protect jobs in heavily dependent areas of the coal mining.

Of this money, $ 275 million will be used for hydrogen projects, while $ 263 million will be used for carbon capture projects.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor told Ticky Fullerton of the Australian this weekend that the government would resist “saber rattles” that could lead to global carbon taxes.

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