China benefits as US loses its way under President Biden

Joe Biden is sending $55 billion to Europe’s most corrupt country, Ukraine, while Americans can’t feed their families.

Over the past decade, plutocrats, paying political elites and their dishonest media partners have deployed fear-based propaganda and psychological operations campaigns to sow the seeds of discord that facilitate the control and obedience of population.
The campaign’s goal: to divert attention from the greatest economic plunder and transfer of wealth in history.
Crisis campaigns included: the dot com crisis, the housing crisis, the great financial crisis, a global pandemic, illegal lockdowns, vaccination mandates, and medical tyranny.
The results of the campaign: The highest inflation in history. Policies that have accelerated food and energy prices and amplified supply chain disruptions, making shortages commonplace across America. The gutting of America’s middle class to ensure their dependence on big government.
“Let’s eliminate Putin; there is no way out”—US Senator Lindsey Graham’s reckless and irresponsible rhetoric this week accomplished two things: 1. It increased Russophobia; and 2. he greatly increased the likelihood of a nuclear World War III where Europe and the UK are destroyed first. Like Graham, the Washington DC swamp rats, owned by the military-industrial complex (“MIC”), are the problem. He should resign or be eliminated. Who wins? China. In 1961, President Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex.
The United States has wasted over $6 trillion of taxpayers’ money on military adventurism that no one voted for. These actions have made the world less secure.
The United States has not managed any successful military deterrent since 1945. The West cannot win a war in Ukraine. Therefore, a corrupt Ukraine is of no strategic importance to the US, UK or EU.
Why are we risking a third world war with Russia, with more than 6,000 nuclear warheads and hypersonic missiles that the West cannot defend? All voters are against nuclear war.
Have the sanctions ever worked? No. Russia’s currency is higher and its current account is at record highs. Unfortunately, Nuland/Milley/Austin’s dangerous assumptions have grossly underestimated the resolve of the bloc that has joined Russia: China, Iran, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and several other Asian and African countries. The world is no longer unipolar. Despite the denial of Biden’s deaf elites, the world has “gone” to multipolarity. What the sanctions did: Signaled the death of the petrodollar and the end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency within five years.
The United States could have prevented the war between Ukraine and Russia by forcing Ukraine to immediately de-escalate and settle with Russia. The simple denial of Ukraine’s NATO membership and interim armament guarantees would have saved lives and prevented this war.
The dishonest political slogan “we save democracy” is false on its face; Ukraine has never been a democracy. Instead, the likely goal is to force democracy into a hybrid socialism, fascism and Marxism.
General Mark Milley and strongly in conflict Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are waging a proxy war between Russia, its partners and the West. Austin and Miley were defeated in the $2.5 trillion Afghan war by farmers in pickup trucks. NATO and the West must take into account by Putinwarnings and taking your rashes seriously.

Biden and MIC by Victoria Nuland based their military strategy on “media propaganda and wishful thinking,” which are neither viable battle plans capable of defeating a nuclear-armed Russia with hypersonic missiles.
Who benefits from an unwinnable Third World War or a conflict with Russia? The MIC and China. Who suffers ? The Ukrainian people, with their lives, and the American, British and European taxpayers.
How did we come here?
Forty years of failed neoliberal policies and endless wars have cost taxpayers lives and billions of dollars: the central bank’s reckless money printing and the global fiscal debauchery of our paying politicians has allowed the MIC to thrive. For these reasons, the largest global financial crisis in history is now inevitable.
The leaders of the Democratic parties, the deceptive practices decades of Hillary and Bill Clinton, were influenced by the extremist Saul Alinsky. The Clintons were good at creating diversions. The Clinton Gold Medal: Loudly accusing others of precisely what they are guilty of.
In 2009, a cultural revolution began in the United States. Obama/Biden announced breathlessly that it was “the transformation of America”. Unfortunately for America, Obama’s transformation directly triggered an attack on democratic institutions, due process, the rule of law, culture, religion, free speech, liberty and the nuclear family.
In 2016, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ perpetuated the false Russiagate narrative that they dragged on for four years. Partners of their oligarchs in Silicon Valley illegally influenced the 2020 election results by censoring factual reporting on the Biden family’s crime syndicate, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian laptop.
In 2020, Nina Jankowicz promoted misinformation and false claims that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation” and Trump’s involvement with Russia. Jankowicz now heads Biden’s personal Stasi, a Ministry of Truth that would make Joseph Gobbles and George Orwell blush.
With Jankowicz’s illegal nomination, Biden created a “Chinese-style social credit system” to “protect the public from misinformation and misinformation.” Jankowicz will now arm the Department of Homeland Security and Silicon Valley to carry out a great purge while imposing mass censorship on any political opposition. Biden’s authoritarian takeover is the single greatest existential threat to freedom, liberty, and democracy in America’s history.
Joe Biden promised America “unity”. In May 2022, what did Biden deliver?
America’s greatest division and tribalism in our lifetime. Tantalizing inflation. An economy on the verge of collapse. Broken supply chains that have caused widespread shortages of food and energy. Millions of illegal aliens and drug traffickers invade the open southern borders of the United States with impunity. Violent crimes and drug-related deaths are on the rise, and America’s two-tier justice system is dysfunctional. Biden offered no solution.
Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, endorsed the illegal violation of US federal law through the doxing and intimidation of US Supreme Court justices saying, “We certainly continue to encourage protests outside the homes of the SCOTUS judges”.
Biden’s inability to win majority mandates with “free and fair elections at the polls to transform America” exposed some uncomfortable truths: 1. The extremist left turns to mob violence, Antifa, BLM, or by any means necessary, including violence, to ensure they get what they want, and 2. the democratic process is broken.
Who funded the 2020 murders, arson, looting and violent riots, causing $10 billion in damage across America? Why have these crimes not been prosecuted?
Since 2021, Biden’s divisive rhetoric has divided and polarized more than fifty percent of America. This week, Joe Biden said the MAGA organization is the “the most extreme political organization that has recently existed in the United States the story” When people are hungry, everything changes very quickly. Biden’s record inflation is preventing Americans from providing for their families. No American wants nuclear World War III or endless war spending similar to the $2.5 trillion wasted in the Afghanistan disaster.
Biden sends $55 billion to Europe’s most corrupt country while giving Central America the middle finger. Biden has done nothing to solve America’s problems. Instead, Biden’s open borders policy has allowed 2,000,000 illegal aliens and drug traffickers to invade America with impunity, accelerating violent crime and 300 drug overdose deaths. per day.
While Biden, Schumer and Pelosi shout that Ukraine’s borders are sacrosanct, they have done nothing to protect US borders; and voters will remember this in November.
While China and Russia scoff at America’s waking age of rage addiction, many fear that America has gone astray. The far left abandoned due process and the rule of law in favor of popular rule, socialism and Marxism. It won’t end well. Who benefits? China.

Mitchell Feierstein is CEO of the Glacier Environmental Fund.

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