CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Walkthrough


The latest zombies update for the Mauer Der Toten game map is taking place in Berlin. A new Easter Egg is also being added to the game which we will cover in this guide. So let’s start with the CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg walkthrough.

Mauer Der Toten Cold War Zombies Easter Egg

The first thing in CoD Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten is to get yourself a brand new CRBR-S miracle weapon. This is the main item to have as you won’t be able to complete the Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg without it.

Once you have gathered in Mauer Der Toten, you must use the weapon to shoot the undead and drop the yellow weapon mods to the ground.

You will also find a different version of the weapons while advancing, namely CRBR-S BLAZER which you should get yourself.

Call Klaus

Now the next step is to call Klaus. You have to go into the sewers and direct Klaus towards the wall. Klaus will hit the wall and destroy it. Now you will have to use your CRBR-S BLAZER to shoot at the wall until it disappears.

Fight the zombies

Now enter the new area of ​​Mauer Der Toten with an infestation of hordes. Eliminate all these zombies using your miracle weapon.

Choose three cans

Once you’ve got rid of all the zombies, three canisters will appear in the room. Collect the three Canisters and after that you have to find the three Harvesters which are scattered around the map.

Gasoline harvesters

Now you have to place the three cartridges that you have in the gas scavengers. After that, you can go to the area you just opened and shoot the terminal using your miracle weapon to access the Endstation decoy.

Kill the zombies

Now, after you get the Endstation Decoy, you need to take it to one of the Gas Scavengers and place it on the Harvester in Mauer Der Toten. Now you have to get rid of the storm zombies so that you can collect their essence in the machine.

Once the cans have turned purple, you need to bring them back to the pedestal in the main room. You need to repeat this process three times for each of the three gas scavengers.

You need to make sure you pick up the Endstation Decoy in the Terminal and then pick it up from the Harvester when it’s purple.

Control room switch

Activate the turnout in the turnout control room at Mauer Der Toten. After that you have to guide Klaus to the spot of the main track. The Klaus will stop the train for a while. You have to get into the train and choose both the Keycard items and the bombs.

Back to the pedestal

Take both the Keycard object and the bomb with the cartridges and after that you can place it on the pedestal. You can also collect information by placing the keycard item on the computer. Do not activate it too much otherwise the mission will fail.

Locate computers lit in green

Your next task in Mauer Der Toten is to locate three computers that are lit green around the map. You will find the first computer near the Pack a Punch machine. The second computer is on the main road near the grocery store. The third and final is right next to Klaus.

Uranium rock

Now once all three terminals are activated you will reach the HVT. Quickly kill any enemies you come across and collect the uranium rocks.

Uranium device

Now for the last stop at Mauer Der Toten you have to take the uranium rocks to the green tent which you will find near the Pack a Punch machine. You have to craft uranium in the uranium device.

After that you have to place the uranium device on the zipline next to the big O on the Korber roof. A new HVT will appear and you will have to kill it for the uranium rock and after that you can turn the rocks into a uranium device.

Instead of the zipline, you need to take the device to the roof of the grocery store on the other side. This time the uranium device will collide in the center of the zipline and drop an orb on the street.

Go down to pick up the orb and bring it back to the pedestal. Just like before, repeat this step three times to complete the main Easter egg. Once all the stages are completed, you will automatically enter the boss fight.

Boss fight

Mauer Der Toten’s final boss has an instakill move that you need to watch out for when charging. The boss also has a shield that you can damage. You need to fight with the boss quite actively. The boss fight has three phases and once you defeat the boss an exclusive cutscene will be played.

Divine mode problem

If you want to play dirty, you can activate a god mode glitch for the Mauer Der Toten boss fight.

To do this, you need to engage in a cooperative game of Mauer Der Toten. Get a Tombstone Soda from Wunderfizz located on the Perk Machine near the spawn or in the department store.

Drop a zombie before entering the gravestone shadow, and once you’re in Shadow mode, use a zipline to get to the highest vantage point and find a horizontal zipline.

While you are about to bleed thanks to the zombie we just brought for us, use the zipline while you bleed and just die on the zipline.

When you reappear, head to the vertical zipline, go up and you will have god mode!

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