Constellation nuclear power plants operated at nearly 100% capacity during scorching summer months as carbon-free energy ramps up to meet climate challenge

BALTIMORE (September 19, 2022) — Severe storms, millennial flooding and scorching heat dominated national weather this summer, but customers of Constellation nuclear power plants from the East Coast to the Midwest have benefited from some of the highest levels of generation reliability. the highest in the country. Led by 12 carbon-free nuclear power plants operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and providing clean energy to millions of homes in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions to the Western United States. Illinois, the grid experienced no power supply constraints.

“One of the biggest challenges we face as a nation is eliminating carbon emissions and continuing to reliably and affordably power our communities in the face of extreme weather caused by climate change,” said Bryan Hanson, Executive Vice President and Chief Production Officer, Constellation. “Our nuclear power plants are among the most reliable sources of electricity on the planet, while helping to address the climate crisis by providing carbon-free energy to millions of homes and businesses, when and where they need it. need.”

In the spring, thousands of highly skilled workers performed technology upgrades and power plant equipment maintenance during refueling outages and summer preparation projects at Constellation nuclear power plants. Cutting-edge work and preventative maintenance efforts have enabled millions of American homes and businesses to generate electricity from carbon-free nuclear reactors during the summer. Now, these workers will perform similar fall maintenance projects to ensure power remains available to all residents during the cold winter months ahead.

“Americans face many challenges with extreme weather; our nuclear professionals are on hand every day to ensure a reliable flow of carbon-free electricity to millions of residents,” said Dave Rhoades, Chief Nuclear Officer at Constellation. “Our dedicated employees are dedicated to making our nuclear fleet the best in the country, and that translates to uninterrupted power, whatever the weather. »

Constellation’s reliable nuclear power plants provided 24-hour carbon-free electricity to millions of homes and businesses during the summer. The fleet’s near-perfect summer capacity factor of 99% means the reactors have been operating at nearly full power every second of every day this summer. This percentage is considerably higher than any other large-scale energy source.

Constellation’s nuclear fleet in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States includes the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Generating Station in Maryland; the Limerick Generating Station and the Peach Bottom Nuclear Generating Station in Pennsylvania; and the New York facilities, Fitzpatrick Nuclear Generating Station, Ginna Nuclear Generating Station and Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station. Its Illinois nuclear fleet includes Braidwood Generating Station in Will County, Byron Generating Station in Ogle County, Clinton Generating Station in DeWitt County, Dresden Generating Station in DeWitt County, de Grundy, the LaSalle County Generating Station and the Quad Cities Generating Station in Rock Island County.

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