Elon Musk wants nuclear power for Europe amid Russian-Ukrainian war

You’re here (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter feed often reads like a stream of consciousness or indirect inner monologue widely used by famed English writer Virginia Woolf.

It mimics the nonlinear way Musk’s brain works. Unsurprisingly, it is also filled with contradictions.

It defies convention and this time was no different.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine dates back more than 10 days and the controversial billionaire, in a series of tweets, called on Europe to “restart [its] inactive nuclear power stations” in order to strengthen their borders.

As a clean energy advocate, Musk’s call to support nuclear power that creates radioactive waste is disconcerting.

Experts at environment group Greenpeace USA says“Nuclear energy has no place in a safe, clean and sustainable future. Nuclear energy is both expensive and dangerous.”

After oil, Musk is now pro of nuclear energy

Musk recently tweeted, “Hopefully it’s now overwhelmingly clear that Europe should restart idle nuclear power plants and ramp up the power of existing ones. This is *critical* to national and international security.”

And to add that “those who think (wrongly) that it is a risk of radiation, choose what you think is the worst place. I will travel there and eat locally grown food on TV. I did this in Japan many years ago, shortly after Fukushima.The risk of radiation is much, much lower than most people believe.

These tweets put Musk, who has thrown his weight behind electric vehicles, into a bind. In a world where everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint, Musk’s company makes vehicles that run on an electric battery instead of an internal combustion engine.

Whereas nuclear energy is a non-renewable source of energy that comes from the nucleus of atoms. But nuclear power plants have acquired a bad reputation after a series of serious accidents, including Fukushima and Chernobyl.

Last week, Russia captured Europe’s largest nuclear power plant located about 350 miles southeast of Kiev, Ukraine, and raised fears of a nuclear disaster bigger than Chernobyl.

European nations have reassessed their relationship with nuclear power, with Germany shutting down three of its six nuclear power plants on December 31last year, Switzerland shut down one of its five nuclear power plants in 2019 and Belgium has pledged to end its dependence on nuclear power by 2025.

Musk called for more oil production

Musk’s remarks came a day after he backed increased oil production.

Musk was quick to admit this was counterproductive to his own business.

Oil prices soared to a 14-year high of more than $130 a barrel as the threat of a possible ban on Russian oil imports loomed.

Investors fear that rising oil prices will destabilize the market and hurt US stocks.

“The gallon of gas at the pump has surpassed the $5 threshold in California, a new reality that scares many Americans, at least those who don’t have electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles,” TheStreet reported earlier.

If gasoline prices hit $5 a gallon everywhere, it will further increase the overall cost of living for Americans, who are already reeling from inflation.

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