The National Nuclear Production Company Energoatom plans to sign an agreement with the French operator of nuclear power plants Electricité de France SA (EDF) on cooperation in the development of nuclear energy, said the head of the company Petro Kotin.
“Today we are preparing a memorandum with EDF on cooperation in the development of nuclear energy in Ukraine and in the world. Many questions are dealt with there concerning the current operation of the units, the modernization of the equipment, the training of the personnel, as well as the development of the nuclear installations in the future. Now that we have provided them with our version of the memorandum, they are considering it,” Kotin said in a comment to Energy Reform during a visit to the central spent nuclear fuel storage facility.
He says he met the head of EDF Jean-Bernard Lévy at a nuclear show in Paris (November-December 2021), where it was agreed on the need to establish cooperation.
According to Kotin, it can become fruitful and profitable for both companies.
“EDF is the world’s leading operator of nuclear power plants. If we produced 86 billion kWh last year, which is the highest result in the last six years, then they produced 360 billion kWh. But we are the second in terms of electricity production in Europe, with the exception of the Russian Federation,” said the boss of Energoatom.
At the same time, he admitted that cooperation with EDF could eventually extend to the development of small modular reactors in Ukraine.
“Today, this issue is handled by many companies, all large organizations that have expertise in this area. Some have concept solutions at the stage of coordination with regulatory authorities, many are still at the concept stage,” Kotin explained, adding that “the horizon for the use of small modular reactors is still six to eight years. “.
As reported with reference to the Deputy Head of the President’s Office Rostyslav Shurma, Ukraine plans to cooperate with the French EDF, in particular, in the construction of new units of nuclear power plants (CNP) in the country.
EDF operates more than 70 nuclear reactors, including 58 in France, and is one of the largest operators of nuclear power plants in the world. In addition, EDF holds stakes in production companies in many European countries, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, China, India and Morocco.


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