Globex Mining Enterprises Inc Sells Recently Staked Des Herbiers Uranium Project in Quebec

Globex sold all 66 claims to Infini Resources and its own Canadian subsidiary Fleur de Lys Exploration Corporation

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc announced that it has sold the recently staked Des Herbiers uranium project near Johan-Beetz, Quebec.

The company said the property, acquired in November 2021, had been extensively explored by Uracan Resources Ltd (now Vanadian Energy Corp.), which reported a significant low-grade, indicated and inferred uranium resource.

Globex sold all 66 claims to Australian company Infini Resources Private Ltd. and its own Canadian subsidiary Fleur de Lys Exploration Corporation.

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The agreement includes CA$100,000 payable within 30 days of the signing date (January 27, 2022) of the contract and CA$200,000 payable within 30 days of receipt of the conditional letter of admission from security authorities.

In addition, the agreement includes C$300,000 in shares of Infini Resources at a price equal to the listing price and a 3% gross metal royalty (GMR) of which 1% GMR can be purchased by Infini for 1 million CAD.

In early December 2021, Globex sold its Coconut Club rare earth property east of Kipawa, Quebec to REEgeneratePty Ltd., an Australian company. The property, located in the townships of Pomeroy and McLachlin in Quebec, consists of eight claims.

The consideration for the sale consists of C$10,670 (receipts), $20,000 in REEgenerate shares and a GMR of 2%.

Grab samples from the surface and a number of shallow drill holes returned highly anomalous rare earth assays. said Globex.

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