GORANSON: Uranium production is not a nuisance | Opinion

enCore Energy Corp. (“enCore”) wishes to provide clarification in response to an August 22, 2022 Rapid City Journal article titled “Uranium Mining Nuisance.”

U.S. uranium production is vital to national security and an essential domestic energy source. This is particularly important at a time when we find ourselves in an energy crisis and dependent on foreign supplies. Nuclear power is essential to the transition to a carbon-free economy and uranium is the only fuel that will get us there.

Currently, nearly 60% of the uranium America uses for nuclear power generation is imported via Russia, threatening national security and energy reliability. The Dewey-Burdock uranium project is part of a national solution.

enCore, owner of the Dewey-Burdock Uranium Project, is headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas. enCore is managed by a board of directors and management team comprised of 100% U.S. citizens living in the United States with the skills necessary to develop and operate an in situ uranium recovery (“ISR”) operation. enCore is not affiliated with Russia, China, or the other companies referenced in the article, which can be easily discovered through proprietary reports that must be filed with US regulators.

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ISR is a highly regulated and proven mining process that removes uranium with minimal environmental impact (no tailings, heavy equipment or open pits). It has been in use for over 50 years and there are no incidents in the United States of ISR affecting groundwater used for drinking water. We are proud to have one of the co-founders of ISR technology as our technical director and note that over 50% of all uranium mines worldwide now use this proven technology.

At the Dewey Burdock uranium project, operations will use TSF to draw undrinkable water from an aquifer located 700 feet below the surface and surrounded by layers of clay. ISR operations recycle 99% of all water used and are required by regulation to return soil and water to their original state once production is complete.

enCore is committed to engaging and working with local communities to ensure that we create a positive impact from our projects and is committed to using the best environmental practices. We respect the fact that people seek to ensure their quality of life and that natural resources, especially water, are preserved. For more information on enCore Energy and the Dewey Burdock uranium project, please visit: www.encoreuranium.com and www.deweyburdock.info.

Paul Goranson is the Chairman and CEO of enCore Energy Corp. and he has over 35 years of experience in the uranium production industry.

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