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Business Secretary Greg Hands has attacked the Scottish Government’s plans to secede from the UK in the House of Commons. He suggested Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon would leave the country at Russia’s request.

Responding to a question from Labor MP Fleur Anderson, Mr Hands warned of “the impact the SNP would have on energy policy”.

He said, “They’re anti-nuclear, they’re anti-oil and gas.

“It’s hard to see where they think they will draw their energy from in the event of independence.

“Maybe they have some kind of idea for a future deal with Vladimir Putin.”

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Ms Anderson had warned that major issues in Scotland including ‘the environment, the cost of living crisis, the revival of the economy, the modernization of health services have taken a back seat’ due to Ms Sturgeon’s plans to hold another referendum on independence next year. .

However, Ms Sturgeon has previously said there is a need to “accelerate” the transition to green energy to reduce dependence on Russian energy.

She told BBC Radio 4 in March: “For the UK, dependence on Russian oil and gas is much, much, much less than it is for Europe and for many other countries.

“What I think that means is that we have to yes, look at short-term actions, but in fact the real lesson in terms of removing dependence on Russian oil and gas is accelerating the green transition.

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“So for Scotland the big imperative for environmental reasons, but also I think now for geosecurity reasons, is to make sure that we switch to renewable and low-carbon energy sources even more quickly than we previously anticipated.”

Yesterday the First Minister of Scotland confirmed she was preparing to vote for the country on her plan to tear apart the UK on October 19, 2023.

In a statement to Holyrood parliament, she insisted that “the time has come for independence”.

She added: “With hard work and the independence to chart our own course, Scotland will prosper, and the people of Scotland have told all of us in this chamber that they want the right to decide.”

The new push for independence comes less than a decade after Scotland rejected the SNP’s vision.

Ms Sturgeon has yet to explain the SNP’s energy policy if a vote is held and Scotland leaves the UK.

The SNP is opposed to nuclear power and has agreed to reduce its use of North Sea oil and gas in the future.

Ms Sturgeon wants Scotland to reach zero carbon emissions by 2045.

Boris Johnson has led international efforts to reduce dependence on Russian energy since the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

He said earlier this year that the West must end its “dependency” on supplies from Moscow to stop Vladimir Putin’s “blackmail” of the West.

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