NIGHT ENERGY: Energy Department targets Trump cuts to device efficiency | Biden officials re-examine drilling for arctic refuge | Scientists study ‘star energy source’ in climate fight


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Today, we envision a move to reverse the Trump administration’s efficiency cuts for washers, dryers and dishwashers, the official launch of a drilling review at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and efforts scientists on nuclear fusion.

WASH IT: Department of Energy targets Trump cuts to appliance efficiency

The Biden administration is proposing to revoke Trump-era flashbacks on washer, dryer and dishwasher efficiency.

The Department of Energy, in a notice released Tuesday, proposed a new rule that would reverse Trump-era changes that exempted some of these devices from energy and water conservation standards by creating a separate class of products for short cycle washers and dryers as well as dishwashers.

By adding them to separate classes, the previous standards were no longer applicable.

OK but why? The proposal argued that the Trump administration had failed to follow a law requiring analysis of whether the changes were designed to get the most technologically efficient boost possible. and its ban on standards that decrease efficiency.

The other side: When introducing the rules in question, the Trump administration argued that its actions increased consumer choice.

Learn more about the move here.

LET’S START HERE: Biden Administration Takes Second Look at Arctic Refuge Drilling

The Biden administration officially launches its review of the Trump administration’s opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling after it previously determined that its predecessor’s action had “legal irregularities.”

The Home Office announced the review in a notice of intent due to be published Wednesday in the Federal Register, which said it would conduct a rigorous environmental review known as an environmental impact assessment.

So what should we expect? The review will serve to “identify significant issues, including legal gaps in the final EIA [Environmental Impact Statement]”said Laura Daniel-Davis, senior assistant secretary for lands and minerals management, in the notice.

The additional EIA commissioned by the ministry will consider possible alternatives, such as declaring certain areas of the coastal plain prohibited for rental, banning surface infrastructure in “sensitive areas” and banning more than 2 000 acres of surface development across the coastal plain.

But we knew it was going to happen. The official announcement in the Federal Register notice follows an announcement in June that there will be a new environmental review after the Biden administration said it found legal loopholes in the formal decision that opened the refuge drilling.

This understood what the Home Secretary Deb HaalandDeb Haaland’s Confirmatory TreatmentTracy Stone-Manning Was Simply Unacceptable – And He Must Stop Overnight Energy: Haaland, Native American Leaders Push For Protection Of Indigenous Lands | Biden will return to pre-Obama water protections | Western governors ask Biden for help with Haaland wildfires, Native American leaders push for protection of indigenous lands MORE described as a “failure to adequately analyze a reasonable range of alternatives” in the previous environmental review.

Read more about the review here..

SHOOTING FOR THE MOON? Scientists rush to replicate ‘star power source’ in climate fight

According to economist and plasma physicist Arthur Turrell, the net zero energy mix of the future will be based not only on renewable resources like solar and wind power, but also on technology that allows scientists to “recreate and control the source of energy. ‘star energy’. .

Scientists and investors are now exploring the possibility of nuclear fusion making its way into the mix of energy sources such as wind and solar power, seen as crucial in the long-term fight against climate change.

As congressional lawmakers aim to provide new funding for traditional nuclear reactors that use nuclear fission, experts like Turrell say the United States must think bigger by pursuing nuclear fusion.

“Climate change is so big that we’ll have to throw the kitchen sink in it,” he told The Hill.

Not your mother’s nuclear …Fusion is different from fission, the process used by nuclear reactors that generates a byproduct of radioactive material that can persist for up to 10,000 years.

Around 100 experimental fusion projects – including around 20 private companies – are underway around the world, but scientists recognize that making fusion commercially viable is a Herculean task. Fusion takes so much energy that Turrell described his upkeep as “a leaky tub.”

Learn more about the merger efforts here.


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