Nuclear hydrogen production will require 400 reactors worldwide: report


A new French report has calculated the number of reactors needed to meet global demand for H2.

In order to use the production of hydrogen nuclear fuel to meet the global demand for emission-free fuel, 400 1 GW reactors would be needed. This, according to a report that the French parliamentary office recently published to assess scientific and technological choices.

Currently, 99% of hydrogen production is powered by carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

The world is therefore looking for cleaner, low-carbon H2 production alternatives using electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources or nuclear hydrogen reactors. The French Parliament’s OPECST declared: “The path to low-carbon hydrogen from nuclear electricity would represent 400 new 1 GW nuclear reactors. [on a global scale], ”In his report.

This report adds that taking such a path would be “chimerical”, because it is a period when many countries, including France, “are reducing the share of nuclear power in their energy mix”.

OPECST data showed that to use electrolysis to produce H2, France would have to use “the equivalent of four dedicated nuclear power plants only for the production of electricity.

Nuclear hydrogen production was under consideration because France is behind on EU targets.

“Hydrogen production represents 2% of French anthropogenic CO2 production,” said OPECST vice-president Gérard Longuet, who considered that conventional H2 production was “unbearable”.

France has already largely missed its 2020 renewable energy targets. This situation will only worsen if considerable measures are not taken, as the European Union should very soon raise its renewable energy targets for 2030. Without modifying its strategy, France will be faced with problems. notables in trying to achieve the new goals.

Longuet and mathematician Cédric Villani, French deputy for Ecology Democracy Solidarity, declared that without the use of nuclear hydrogen production, France would not be able to produce the H2 it needs while reducing its emissions of greenhouse gas. Having said that, they have both Nuclear Hydrogen Fuel - Renewable Hydrogen News - Pick It Up Here and Save the Oceanexpressed that France will have to supplement the use of nuclear energy by that of other sources of electricity production, with particular reference to renewable energy sources.

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