Nuclear time


Sir, – It seems likely to me that if instead of world leaders getting together to discuss climate change, a gang of 12-year-olds got loaded and said there are 15 ships plying the oceans that between them , create more pollution than any car in the world, than these kids would order these ships to be decommissioned.

In addition, I suggest that they ban all ships from using very polluting heavy tar as fuel. Moreover, when they were informed that modern submarines, aircraft carriers and icebreakers are powered only by nuclear reactors, they concluded that these are very reliable, small, do not create any pollution and are powerful.

Nuclear reactors can produce an infinite amount of electricity at a lower cost and have the best safety record of all energy technologies, the problem of waste treatment has been solved.

If you want a verification of these facts, check out Dr. Philip Bratby’s article Small Modular Reactors, captioned “The Ultimate Low Carbon Renewables”.

Small reactors use relatively simple technology, can be built quickly at small sites, can be underground, and are weather independent. A reactor to power 1.2 million homes would fit on a 25-acre site.

A solar farm to do the same would require 13,000 acres, while a wind farm would require 32,000 acres (both would require back-up facilities).

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