Pokemon Uranium Download: is it a fan game or a rom hack?

Pokemon Uranium is one of the most famous Pokemon fan games, and many agree this is one of the best. Finding a Pokemon Uranium download isn’t too difficult, but it can be difficult to determine which version of the game is the latest. Fortunately, we’ve got everything players need to know about the game below.

Is Pokemon Uranium still available for download?

Players can find Pokemon Uranium for download at several locations. However, those looking for the game will want to make sure they get version 1.2.4 as it is the latest version. The project has had a complicated history since its release in 2016, as Nintendo immediately has DMCA, and the developers abandoned the project. Since then, the community has maintained the game. The last update was in 2018, but the online functions are still maintained.

Pokemon Uranium was created in RPGmaker XP, so it’s a fan game and not a ROM hack. It follows the standard Pokemon formula of the player being a young trainer trying to become the regional champion. However, it has an overall more mature tone and features the all-new Tandor region which is inhabited by a ton of fakemon (as well as real Pokemon).

As the name of the game suggests, Pokemon Uranium introduces a new type of Pokemon, the Nuclear type. This guy is super effective against all the other guys besides nuclear. However, it’s also weak for all types except steel and nuclear, making it a bit of a glass cannon. Uniquely, many of the nuclear-type Pokémon in the game are alternate forms of existing creatures that have been irradiated.

It’s a shame the game was DMCA. Still, it uses assets from the fourth generation games and includes real Pokémon. This is probably what caused the DMCA as there are a lot of Pokemon ROM hacks and fan games that have never even heard of Nintendo.

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