Pressure reactor installed in Kudankulam Unit 3

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), which operates two 1,000 MWe VVER nuclear reactors at Kudankulam and is building four other reactors of similar capacity in this future nuclear park, has taken a further step in the expansion program of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), as the Unit 3 reactor pressure vessel was positioned at its designated location on Saturday.

After President and Managing Director, NPCIL, Bhuwan Chandra Pathak announced the exercise around 11:00 am, the important event was successfully held in the presence of Mr. Sankaranarayanan, Director (Finance), NPCIL; S. Jayakrishnan, Executive Director (Projects – Light Water Reactors); Rajeev Manohar Godbole, Site Manager, KKNPP; MS Suresh, Project Manager, KKNPP – Units 5 and 6; E. Chinnaveeran, Project Manager, KKNPP– 3 and 4; RS Sawant, Station Manager, KKNPP – 1 and 2 and other senior NPCIL and KKNPP officials.

The reactor pressure vessel is the heart of the nuclear reactor, as the specially designed 322 ton steel container with a 200 mm thick wall, contains nuclear fuel when the reactors are operating and functions as one of many barriers that prevent radioactive materials from leaking into the environment.

Mr. Pathak said that the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, which generates electricity for the progress of the country, will continue to make sincere efforts to meet the electricity needs of India in general and the southern region in particular, according to an official statement from the KKNPP.

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