Promotion of the safety of spent fuel and radioactive waste management: 20 years of the Joint Convention


As part of a global regime, the Contracting Parties are required to implement legislative, regulatory and administrative measures to ensure the protection of people and the environment against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation at all stages of management. spent fuel and radioactive waste. Each country undertakes to respect the security measures, to prepare a national report on the measures applied and to submit the report for examination by all the Contracting Parties.

“The preparation of the national report contributes to the self-assessment of the national radioactive waste management infrastructure,” said the Joint Convention Working Committee of Ghana. Since the 1960s, Ghana has used radioactive materials in healthcare, industry and research and plans to introduce nuclear power into its power grid. “The system used to compile the national reports has enabled Ghana to harmonize the approach to ensuring security,” the Committee added. “The Nuclear Regulatory Authority works with the main operator, the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, and other operators to prepare reports, review national reports from other contracting parties, submit questions, answer questions and prepare for review meetings. “

Contracting Parties carry out peer reviews of national reports that explain how each country fulfills its obligations under the Convention. The review process ends with a two-week meeting every three years, during which the Contracting Parties present and discuss their reports. “The Joint Convention makes it possible to identify and highlight international best practices. It provides for a peer review process every three years that allows Contracting Parties both to assess their spent fuel and radioactive waste management regimes and to learn from best practices and lessons learned from others. countries, ”the United States Joint Convention team said. The next peer review meeting will take place in 2022. Documents relating to the Joint Convention, including national reports and newsletters, are publicly available here.

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