Questions remain about UK nuclear power projects | Nuclear power


In 2007, Vincent de Rivaz, then CEO of EDF, said Britain would “cook our Christmas turkeys” with electricity from the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant by 2017. Instead, the first concrete was poured that year and the turkey is now slated for late. 2026.

In the race against time to avoid dangerous global warming, the British government has decided to support an untested Rolls Royce reactor. The first of them could be “connected to the grid by 2031”, according to the Nuclear Industry Association.

Internationally, the average planning time for reactor proposals is 10 years, plus another decade for construction, for already proven designs. The 16 Rolls Royce engines planned are still on the drawing board. The arguments about where they might be located begin. Apart from other possible objections, the UK’s preferred coastal locations are vulnerable to sea level rise, erosion and storms.

Faced with the well-documented delays and drawbacks of nuclear programs, it is perhaps not surprising that no other country participating in the Glasgow Cop26 process is relying on several new nuclear reactors to achieve zero carbon goals. net by 2050. Even without our many opportunities to harness wind, solar, wave and tidal power many countries feel they do not need nuclear power to achieve their goals.

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