Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Germany can transform economy with return to nuclear power

The predicament of Germany, which is experiencing a severe oil drought and which is also indebted to Russia for natural gas production, could become a winter breaking point for 1st European economysaid Ric Grenell.

However, there might be a way out of this conundrum, according to Grenell – the former US ambassador to Germany and then former President Donald Trump’s acting director of national intelligence.

Assuming pride doesn’t get in the way.

“One thing they won’t do [right away]: Admit that Donald Trump was right, but they [Germany] should,” said Grenell newsmax Tuesday night, during an appearance on “The record with Greta Van Susteren.”

“[Trump] warned them that the strategy of restricting their energy, in terms of putting everything into Russian gas, was really a bad strategy. We knew it. The rest of Europe knew it. But for some reason, Chancellor [Angela] Merkel didn’t know that.”

Merkel stepped down as chancellor in December 2021. But Grenell says Germany is still paying for its mistakes.

As such, Grenell wondered aloud on Newsmax if “16 years of Merkelism” was ideal for Germany’s manufacturing-based economy?

“I would say this idea of ​​Germany getting out of nuclear power, restricting coal, is trying[ing] relying on wind and solar…is a really bad idea,” says Grenell. “They have to rethink their whole strategy. They have to bring back nuclear power.”

Earlier this week Russia’s Gazprom announced it would further reduce natural gas flows through a major pipeline to Europe to 20% of capacity, citing equipment repairs – a move that could have serious repercussions over Germany during the winter, as it prepares for major gasoline shortages and keeping homes warm (heating oil).

But Grenell reiterates that the new German leadership cannot rely on quick fixes that lead to problematic long-term consequences.

For starters, if Germany wants to continue to be seen as Europe’s largest and most flexible economy, it needs to subtly end its dependence on Russian oil and natural gas.

It’s much the same message Grenell delivered on Newsmax three years ago while serving in the Trump administration.

“What we oppose is an overreliance on Russia at a time when Russians have demonstrated that they really are bad actors,” Grenell said in 2019.


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