Slovakia eyes small modular reactors for nuclear future –

Slovakia is interested in small modular reactors and will support discussions on this subject at European level, said State Secretary for Economy Karol Galek, who again welcomed the Commission’s proposal to include energy nuclear and natural gas in the taxon my of the EU.

Galek also expects more talk of Small Modular Reactions (SMRs) to take place this year, as the EU Council presidency will be in the hands of pro-nuclear France and the Czech Republic in 2022. .

“The Slovak Republic wants to get more information about these technologies and will participate in discussions on this topic,” Galek said.

Energy analyst Karol Hirman adds that Slovakia’s interest in these types of reactors is logical because the country will not need a new nuclear power plant for some time after completing the third and fourth blocks of the plant. electric from Mochovce. “When new sources are needed, I imagine the country will go for small modular reactors,” he said.

SMRs are part of a new generation of nuclear technology based on the nuclear propulsion design used in submarines or aircraft carriers.

Instead of building reactors at the power plant site, key SMR components can be built in a factory. They are then assembled with a protective cloak around them, with security theoretically enhanced by placing them partially in the ground.

Small reactors could be located close to large consumers, especially energy-intensive industries.

The first of these reactors will be in the United States and Canada, while France and Poland are also interested in the technology.

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