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Not only has the stock market been a very chaotic and scary place in recent months, but most analysts also predict that it will get worse in the near future. That being said, most analysts got it wrong over the past two years given the uncertainty the pandemic has brought. While there are some strong indicators that the stock market is going to perform poorly over the next year or so, there is still an opportunity to be seized. Here are some tickers to watch out for through 2022 and beyond.

If you haven’t added Palantir ($ PLTR) to your watchlist, you must live under a rock. This data analytics as a service company is taking control of big tech by partnering up with every big cap company you can imagine. The biggest client of $ PLTR happens to be the most powerful government in the world, the United States. They work with our military and other special operations within our government. CEO Alexander Karp and his colleagues started this business after 9/11 to help track down and counter terrorists before they could strike. Two decades later, they now control the most powerful company anyone knows. Palantir went public on September 30, 2020 and has grown 150% since.

My next suggestion is a sneaky game that most financial gurus choose to overlook. This sector is expected to be heavily stimulated by the Biden administration and rising energy costs. I’m talking about uranium. Uranium is what powers nuclear energy, and nuclear energy is the future of sustainable energy for our planet. With steadily rising oil prices in sight, climate change starting to impact the world, and climate change advocates trying to change the status quo, it is inevitable that we will look to nuclear power for fuel. our world.

Nuclear power already produces about 20% of all the energy used in America and this is expected to increase rapidly over the next few decades. A few uranium mining companies you should check out are Denison Mines ($ DNN), NexGen Energy ($ NXE), and Cameco ($ CCJ). These small cap companies have great potential. As of this writing, Denison Mines is up 437% year-to-date, NexGen Energy is up 253% year-to-date and Cameco is up 169% year-to-date. of the year. Also check out NorthShore Global Uranium Mining ($ URNM) to better understand uranium performance. $ URNM is an ETF that tracks a market capitalization weighted index of global companies in the uranium industry.

Another industry you should pay attention to is sort of the obvious. The electric vehicle industry has had a strong presence in the market since Tesla became the world’s largest automotive company. Many other auto startups and giants have tried to compete with Tesla, but until this year they couldn’t even come close to their level. In 2022, that may well change. We probably won’t see a new Tesla emerge, but we’ll start to see other electric vehicle makers on roads around the world. Companies like Lucid Motors ($ LCID), NIO ($ NIO), Xpeng ($ XPEV) and Rivian (privately owned). These outsiders have started to grab headlines as they begin to deliver their first vehicles and ramp up production. It will be exciting to see the future of this industry.

The last coin I would like to mention is very risky. Virgin Galactic Holdings ($ SPCE) is an aerospace and space travel company dedicated to manufacturing advanced air and space vehicles. I’m serious; Richard Branson’s space company has serious potential over the next decade. If you think space travel is going to disappear out of nowhere, you are wrong. There are many results for this spec set and many of them end in failure. Many of these results lead to a new industry founded by just 3 space travel companies; SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic is the only publicly traded company out of these 3.

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