Terrestrial Energy and Orano successfully complete IMSR assessment of fuel packaging and transportation

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BETHESDA, Md. and OAKVILLE, Ontario, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Terrestrial Energy has completed a regulatory assessment of the packaging and cross-border transportation of Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) nuclear fuel in collaboration with Orano, a world leader in the nuclear fuel cycle.

This work demonstrates that the nuclear fuel casks currently used by Orano to serve the nuclear industry are suitable for transporting and supplying IMSR fuel. The scope of the assessment covered compliant packaging and transport for Canada, USA, UK and some EU countries. This result avoids the costly and time-consuming process of developing, licensing and manufacturing new nuclear fuel packages and has significant commercial implications for the early deployment of IMSR plants in key markets.

The packaging and transportation of nuclear reactor fuel are subject to strict regulatory requirements that ensure safety and protect property and the environment. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and regional government authorities have established regulations for the safe and secure handling of radioactive materials. Regulations are administered in Canada by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), in the United States by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), in the United Kingdom by the Office for Nuclear Regulation ( ONR), and in France by the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

“Orano has long been a trusted nuclear fuel cycle partner for the global energy industry, including managing and performing more than 5,000 nuclear material transports each year,” said Amir Vexler, President. – Chief Executive Officer of Orano USA. “Next-generation technologies such as Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR will offer new and valuable commercial applications of nuclear energy. We are pleased to apply our nuclear fuel cycle expertise to help advance the development of these nuclear power facilities of the future.

“This result is possible because the IMSR plant is fed with standard dosage low-enriched uranium, which is commercially available and widely used in reactors today,” said Simon Irish, CEO of Terrestrial Energy. “Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR plant uses a molten salt reactor to provide high-temperature heat, which is essential for direct industrial use and high-efficiency power generation. The use of standard-strength low-enriched uranium fuel ensures that this transformative reactor technology integrates the nuclear industry’s existing capabilities, such as those provided by Orano, for a clear path to early deployment.

Orano and Terrestrial Energy carried out this assessment as part of a wide-ranging agreement that includes services such as uranium enrichment, chemical conversion into IMSR fuel, its production, transport, conditioning and its logistics. This agreement is part of Terrestrial Energy’s multiple supply strategy for the supply of IMSR fuel and reflects Orano’s desire to support the marketing of next-generation reactors through its wide range of fuel services.

For more than 50 years, the Orano group has provided the global nuclear industry with nuclear fuel products and expert services across the entire nuclear fuel cycle. These services include uranium enrichment and fuel conversion, production, conditioning and transportation. The security of commercial fuel supply throughout the life of the plant is supported by Orano’s modern, world-leading conversion and enrichment facilities, which meet the highest standards of safety, quality and safety while reducing their environmental footprint.

About Orano

A recognized international operator in the field of nuclear materials, Orano provides solutions to meet current and future global energy and health challenges. Its expertise and mastery of cutting-edge technologies enable Orano to offer its customers products and services with high added value across the entire nuclear fuel cycle. Every day, the 16,500 employees of the Orano group rely on their skills, their unwavering attachment to safety, and their constant quest for innovation with the commitment to develop know-how in the transformation and control of nuclear materials. , for the climate and for health and resource-efficient world, today and tomorrow. Orano, giving full value to nuclear energy.

About Earth Energy

Terrestrial Energy is developing for near-term commercial operation a zero-emission cogeneration plant for global industry using its proprietary Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) fission technology in an innovative, small, modular plant design. The IMSR is a Generation IV class non-light water reactor that operates at the high temperature required for broad industrial relevance with transformative economic potential. The IMSR plant is capable of producing grid electricity and industrial cogeneration in many energy-intensive industries, including petrochemical and chemical synthesis for the production of hydrogen and ammonia. The IMSR plant offers nearly a 50% improvement in the efficiency of electrical power generation compared to light water reactor nuclear power plants. Its industrial cogeneration capability offers today’s markets industrial competitiveness, energy security and zero-emissions industrial production. The IMSR plant’s use of existing industrial materials, components and fuels supports its near-term deployment, paving the way for rapid global decarbonization of the primary energy system.

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