The French electricity threat leaves Britain facing the nuclear option


There are plans for at least 10 more, including a 150 mile cable between Lovedean in Hampshire and Normandy costing £ 1.1bn, which will provide 5% of our energy needs. The North Sea Grid (NSN) interconnection – which provides green electricity from Norwegian hydropower plants – will be the longest in the world.

Every modern country needs emergency power, but if our so-called friends are willing to turn vital shared infrastructure into political weapons, the case for building energy resilience has never been more pressing.

New nuclear is the obvious alternative, but for too long attempts to establish modern nuclear capability have failed amid skyrocketing costs, opposition from green militants, and the geopolitical nightmare that accompanies funding. of construction with Chinese money and untested technology from Beijing.

That leaves mini nuclear weapons, a technology where Rolls-Royce already excels. They are more modern, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than old nuclear power and could become a real export industry with the right investments.

It would also help revive one of Britain’s most important engineering companies after collapsing by the sharp downturn in aviation. The arguments for making mini-nuclear weapons a cornerstone of energy policy are overwhelming.

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