UK and Australia partner to promote low emission technologies


The UK and Australia have announced plans to work together to ensure low-emission technologies are scalable and commercially viable globally.

UK Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng and Australian Energy and Emissions Minister Angus Taylor signed a letter of intent to establish a partnership, with cooperation focused on research and development in six key technologies.

They include green hydrogen, carbon capture and use (CCUS), carbon capture and storage (CCS), small modular reactors featuring advanced nuclear designs and enabling technologies, low emission materials, including green steel and soil carbon measurement.

The first initiative under the partnership will be a joint industrial challenge aimed at increasing the competitiveness of industry, reducing emissions and supporting economic growth.

Mr Taylor said: “Australia continues to promote practical international partnerships to bring new energy technologies to trade parity with existing approaches.

“Putting new energy technologies at par will allow substantial reductions in global emissions – in developing and developed countries alike – and ensure that countries do not have to choose between growth and decarbonisation.

“Collaborating more closely with key partners like the UK means we are positioning Australia to succeed by investing in new technologies that will support industry, create jobs and reduce emissions. “

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