US admits it cannot replace Russian uranium supply

US Department of Energy (DOE) Assistant Secretary of State Katherine Huff has warned that the United States will not be able to replace Russian uranium supplies at this time if the import embargo is lifted. adopted.

“In the whole world, There is not enough capacity to fill this gap from reliable sources.Huff assured this Wednesday in an interview with the magazine Washington Examiner,

According to Huff, Russia supplies the United States with about 20% of the low-enriched uranium needed to power the country’s industrial nuclear reactors, while the single supplier of enriched uranium cannot meet all the needs. “We have the largest nuclear fleet in the world and currently We do not have the capacity to supply fuel for all our reactors“, Told.

At the same time, America’s dependence on uranium obtained from Russia is increasing. Energy and National Security Threatssaid the Principal Undersecretary of the DOE’s Office of Atomic Energy. ,[Rusia] no longer a reliable source for our fuel. We need to explore alternatives here and build a supply chain.


In this sense, the senior official revealed that she leads the team in charge of formulating the strategy. Developing the National Uranium Supply Chain, pointing out that the Russian uranium embargo situation is currently nowhere else in place. The electricity sector can voluntarily stop doing business with Russian suppliers, as has happened in other industries, or Congress can veto imports as it has with Russian fossil fuels.

For now, the DOE, taking advantage of new funding from Congress, has decided to offer long-term contracts to purchase enriched uranium. “buy this will cover a very small fraction It’s not really what we need, but it will give wealthy companies confidence that they have long-term contracts in place,” Huff said.

Earlier, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm pointed out that America’s dependence on Russian imports was a “vulnerability” for national and economic security. In a speech at the end of May, he called for “a shift towards energy sources that cannot be militarized” and prioritized wind and solar generation. Currently, North American countries There is only one commercial uranium enrichment facility in operation.A factory in New Mexico belonging to the Anglo-German-Dutch consortium Euronco.

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