US calls on Iran to explain uranium traces

The US mission to the UN reiterated that Iran must provide technically credible explanations for the presence of uranium particles detected at three undeclared locations.

“The United States expresses its sincere appreciation for the Agency’s continued professional and impartial efforts. [IAEA] to implement Iran’s comprehensive safeguards agreement,” read the US statement as delivered by Laura SH Holgate, the US envoy to international organizations in Vienna on Wednesday.

“We commend the Director General for his extensive efforts to engage Iran on the need to clarify and resolve the Agency’s long-standing concerns about the presence of anthropogenic uranium particles at three undeclared locations in Iran – Turquzabad, Varamin and Marivan,” he added. added.

Emphasizing that “the path to clarifying and resolving these issues is neither complicated nor endless,” the US mission said Iran should inform the IAEA of the current location of detected nuclear material and/or contaminated equipment”. “The power to solve these problems is in the hands of Iran.”

On Thursday, Rep. Claudia Tenney (D-NY) said a resolution requesting documents from the Biden administration regarding nuclear talks with Iran failed to pass the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“This morning…Democrats blocked efforts to pass fact-finding resolutions (also known as payback) to demand the Biden administration turn over documents related to the withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as ongoing nuclear talks with Iran.”

“Instead, House Democrats on the Foreign Affairs Committee blocked Afghanistan and Iran’s demands from moving forward. It was a shameful abdication of their oversight responsibilities to the American people,” she added.

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