Wylfa talks continue as UK government ‘committed to at least one other large nuclear power plant’


The UK government has pledged to create at least “a bigger nuclear power plant” as a minister said he was continuing to talk to potential developers interested in Wylfa Newydd’s site.

Hitachi halted the £ 16bn project last year after failing to secure a funding deal with the UK government.

The government is currently negotiating with EDF to allow investment in the Sizewell C nuclear power plant project in Suffolk, but said there was potential for more sites.

Anglesey Community Council, where a Wylfa B would be set up, said it remained supportive, but was “tired of the uncertainty”.

Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan told stakeholders in Anglesey: “We all appreciate that Wylfa Newydd is a great site and we have the commitment in our energy white paper and plan for it. 10 points that new nuclear investments are an essential part of our energy mix. forward.

“We have regular discussions with a number of potential developers and investors and this will continue as we are absolutely determined to have at least one more full-scale nuclear power plant.”

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

She added: “It is well known and wonderful that there is really strong community engagement and anchoring in nuclear history that you have been a part of, and the support obviously remains strong.

“Nuclear is absolutely central to what our energy mix will have over the next 50+ years.

“And Wylfa remains one of the best potential sites for these technologies, largely not just because of the geology and geography, but because you have this really passionate and involved community that understands the value of what it brings. . “

Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Môn, said: “I think this meeting has been positive which has updated our main local stakeholders on the thinking of the UK government and, above all, on its continued commitment to new nuclear power. in Anglesey.

Virginia Crosbie, MP for Ynys Mon, on the Wylfa site

“The ministers did their best to help Hitachi in its development with a full support package, but that is now a thing of the past. We have to look to the future and find a new investor.

“It was very reassuring to hear the enthusiasm and support the UK government still has for Wylfa Newydd and that discussions with interested parties are ongoing.”

She added: “I am really delighted that I was able to organize the meeting and bring a Minister to the table to speak to the local people. I hope that everyone was able to take something away from him and be reassured that the British government fully supports the new nuclear in Wylfa Newydd. “

Derek Owen, Chairman of the Community Council of Llanbadrig – the site of the proposed development, said: “At Llanbadrig, we have been involved in this project for several years.

“We support the Wylfa Newydd project but we are fed up with the uncertainty.

“Our MP has placed the project at the highest level of government and we hope for a resolution that will keep our children in jobs here on the island and keep the lights on for the country.”

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